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          Tea Quality Standards

          World of Tea - Standard ISO Cupping Set

          Standard ISO Cupping Set

          To assure potential buyers of the quality of the teas on our platform we have adopted a qualitative evaluation process and flavor visualization tool.

          As there are no internationally recognized cupping standards by which we can refer we will refer to the standards proposed by The World of Tea.

          Tealet Flavor Star

          As a way to visualize the quality of a tea through technology we have developed a Flavor Star. Tealet tasters, wholesale buyers, and tasters can evaluate any tea on the platform while logged into a Tealet account. Results of these evaluations are aggregated on a star chart where the top identified flavor profiles are mapped along with the average intensity of each flavor note.

          Overall likeness of the tea is provided in the evaluation on a scale from

          Unacceptable - Way Below Average - Below Average - Above Average - Way Above Average - Exceptional

          The average of these scores are aggregated and presented as the Overall Score.  Any tea scoring between 80-100 points are considered of exceptional quality based on the qualitative analysis of our platform.

          Learn more about our Flavor Star.